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Mauly - pumpkin headed groundbreaker

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I'm working on Mauly the pumpkin headed groundbreaker. She, which is looking more like a he (for now), will stand next to Cucur with other pumpkins scattered about.

She/he has been built in the same fashion as Cucur. PVC, newspaper, 9 and 16 gauge wire, paper mache but this time I used a Foam pumpkin head instead of making one from scratch.

You can see more pictures, than the one's below, at my website Gallery.

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Serpensphile... erm...that would be a 1/4 of my living room. I actually have a craft room but it's full of ummm... crapts... I mean crafts!! Heh!

HauntDaddy... LOL!!

Dr. Ghoul... if you pop over to my website Gallery you can see the other progress pics of her, so you can get an idea of the steps I take.
The ribs are made from 16 gauge wire with newspaper over the top. Basically I take a full sheet of newspaper, fold it 1/2" or roll it so that it would be rough 1/2" when flattened, run the wire through the center and scotch tape over the whole thing. The sternum and backbone are also folded newspaper with no wire, then just tape everything together. Once you put a few layers of mache over them, its pretty dang strong.

I made my foot roots for Cucur the same way, accept I did not flatten the newspaper, I twisted it over the wire.

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She's just lovely.

I think the pigtails are going to look awesome. If you can't get them to look right as pumpkin guts, you might try molding a stem as a single ponytail to get the girl idea across... :D
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