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Masks vs. Makeup

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So here's a poll for ya. . . Masks vs. Makeup?? Which one is better?
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I prefer make-up. The thing with masks is that your just so limited. Masks only have one expresssion and they never look that good unless you pay really good money. Also masks dont really move unless of course, you fork over more cash. I think with mae-up you can be more creatice with things likes colors and shodowing. it really is amazing what you can do with it and the effects you can create. And also you can add latex pices or just latex its self and come up with some awsome gory looks! The one thing I hate the most is going to a haunted house and seing the same zombie mask in every room. If you would just eliminate those masks, you could have all diffrent kinds of looks. Thats my 2 cents.
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