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Masks vs. Makeup

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So here's a poll for ya. . . Masks vs. Makeup?? Which one is better?
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This is something I'd like to comment on:

I'd have to say makeup. Granted, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask either do to you feel you lack artful abilities in that department or you just can't seem to get use to the feel of something constantly on your skin- A mask is the way to go.

But in working at a Top Rated Haunted House, I've found out a really kool technique of combining the two. They're called sock masks, where you virtually make a liquid latex mask, or "sock" of your head, and put a prosthetic or facial appliance onto it.
It's more form fitting to your head, and if you're claustrophobic, I don't recommend it, but it works fantastic. It looks like you're wearing a working, moving prosthetic- but it's a removable mask.

So...I like both. Haha
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