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So I'm making this non-humanoid creature to greet TOT's at the beginning of our walkway. She is equine, although she'll be "reared up", so to say, with clawed front paws curled around one of our posts. My stepfather is luckily interested in LEDs and electronics, and I will be able to give her some nice glowing lights in her eye sockets, and perhaps other areas.

I used a piece of reinforced dried bamboo as her center support, with the chicken wire and newspaper moulded around that. I haven't added the supports for her haunches and shoulders yet...that is likely the next step.

This is what I had tonight before I went in...

Excuse the extraordinarily messy Garage of Despair.

Before the mache is added, I might have to create a sort of spine, but it may not be necessary. The ridges of the ribs, bones of the withers and other details will be added a bit later with papier mache pulp.
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