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Martha Stewart Witch+ Cat Lawn ornaments

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Hey there!

So my mom and I decided we want to add a spooky tree to the Martha Stewart Witch + Cat Lawn ornaments. For those who have not seen it: Black Magic Decorations and more creative crafts projects, templates, tips, clip-art, patterns, and ideas on marthastewart.com

However, Martha didn't do the tree but I have seen some people do it. It sort of looks like this: Weatherproof Halloween Lawn Silhouettes - Grandin Road

But I used the templates that go with the witch and cats, don't know if there is a tree template. Anyone know where one is or if they have created one, I can't remember where I saw someone else's tree!

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Thank you for those. I finally decided to just find a picture of a creepy tree and draw one in Illustrator. I enlarged it and printed it to the 6 feet I needed. Thanks guys!
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