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March recipe for HF Cooking Group

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Hey! I know that I'm posting this a week ahead of time but I thought that I would add my recipe suggestion for March.

I have 2 ideas actually. Do you guys wanna try an appetizer or a sweet treat? Maybe you guys wanna try both?

Lemme know and I'll post it in the next few days to a week! :D:D
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i vote appetizer! =o)
I could go either way. Maybe an appetizer since the last was a sweet.
Don't mean this to sound mean, but I keep going to the group and see no updates, so never knew about February recipe. Happened to see this. Shouldn't we just post everything in the group?
Sorry Mrs Myers, I did not know there was a group. I will have to go find it.
For anyone wanting to join our group, here is the link :

Halloween Forum - HF Cooking Group

The Febuary recipe is there. I will also post the March recipe by the end of this week! :)
OK! Since the month is almost over..............how about we shuffle over to the Cooking Group to discuss the meringue bones? I'll post my comments later on today! :eek:
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