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Earlier this spring I started thinking about making Halloween props so I went on eBay and bought a headless mannequin torso (my dog took him out of the box while I was at work one day and chewed his right thumb off):

I thought I might make some kind of headless gravebuster out of it -- then I found a large lighted skull at Walgreen's that fit him perfectly, and painted the torso and the head with a green patina kit that I have gone a little crazy with this year, painting everything with green patina:

Then I decided he'd look better full-size rather than a grave-buster, so I borrowed one of my dh's extra large tomato cages:

Then I got him a sycthe, a lantern, a reaper outfit, and made him some wings -- and here is the final creation:

It's getting a little late this year, but next year I might try turning him into more of a skeleton-looking reaper . . .
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