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Mannequin torso turned Grim Reaper

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Earlier this spring I started thinking about making Halloween props so I went on eBay and bought a headless mannequin torso (my dog took him out of the box while I was at work one day and chewed his right thumb off):

I thought I might make some kind of headless gravebuster out of it -- then I found a large lighted skull at Walgreen's that fit him perfectly, and painted the torso and the head with a green patina kit that I have gone a little crazy with this year, painting everything with green patina:

Then I decided he'd look better full-size rather than a grave-buster, so I borrowed one of my dh's extra large tomato cages:

Then I got him a sycthe, a lantern, a reaper outfit, and made him some wings -- and here is the final creation:

It's getting a little late this year, but next year I might try turning him into more of a skeleton-looking reaper . . .
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WOW! Great job!
Fantastic job. It looks like an expensive professional prop.
creative use of the torso. it looks surprisingly good.
its like that mannequin was made just to become that reaper! awesome!
That reaper has been working out!

Looks great!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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