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Crap, I saw the title hoping someone was posting one as I was looking into it earlier in the year...

I must ask, which version are you talking about, though, as there are a wide variety that fall under "mandrake".

From carved and shaped roots, to the specific plant no matter it's look, to some really old and obscure things with blood and bone and plants that sound a lot like the creation of pumpkinhead.

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I asked one of my haunter friends if I could share a few photos of her mandrake she made using wire and paper mache.
Photos courtesy of Sandie Schneider Oddities.

Look how great this guy is too!
If you are handy with paper mache, this is another idea on how to make one.

Ginseng Mantidae Wood
Houseplant Tree Room Plant
Sculpture Art Bronze sculpture Bronze Statue
Textile Cross-stitch Pattern Tree Plant

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Okay per Hildas' request here's a quick tutorial :)

To start with you'll need a few items
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks (large bag of minis)
Paper Towel Tubes (3-4)
Masking Tape
Flower Pot
Artificial Plant (I grabbed mine at DT)
Small Baby Doll
Tan Paint
Dark Brown Paint
Bowl of Water

PREPARING THE FLOWER POT, using the cardboard u will want to cut the cardboard so that it will sit into the flower pot snugly (at least 1-2 inches down (this will mimic your soil line). Once you have that done you will want to cut a smaller hole in the center of the cardboard, this hole should be large enough to push your baby through yet small enough to keep her in place and upright. (My doll was purchased from Walmart for $5 and she had a fabric mid section which worked great for this application. Nows time to get your Mandrake potted...simply insert the cardboard/baby into the flower pot and hot glue in place.

PREPARING YOUR BABY DOLL, now that she's stable it's time to start removing some of her human features. Start by taking the paper towel tubes and sliding them over her arms (u may want to remove her hands), at the same time twist and shape the tube to mimic vegetative growth. When u have everything the way u like it use tape and hot glue to hold in place both to the dolls arms as well as your cardboard round. This same technique will b used for the shoots on her head, just twist, tape and glue in place (take note not to twist too tightly as this will allow u a small area to hide your plant stems). Now last but not least, start wadding up some paper to build up the neck...think sweet potato....just add and tape. I know this looks nothing like a mandrake at this point but if your doing it right it also looks nothing like a baby ;)

FINALLY!!! MAKING YOUR MANDRAKE!!!! Nows when the glue gun and the bowl of water come into play. What your mission is is to cover every square inch of this baby in hot glue. DON'T RUSH, you are gonna want to tackle it just a bit at a time....after applying the glue I let it cool for a second then i used a wet finger to smooth out manipulate the glue. You will apply this technique all over, over the vinyl, over the cardboard and even over that cloth tummy. I took extra care to use the glue to change the shape of the nose checks and eyes too. When your all done, it's time to paint. I used a base coat of a tan color (any will do but I think I used territorial beige) then after that I simply used the darkest brown craft paint I could find, water it down a bit...and do the whole wipe on wipe off routine.

Time to hot glue your plant stems in place and add soil or moss to your base and your done :)

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Doing a little research and seeing the responses to this request, got me inspired to go ahead and try my hand at making a Harry Potter style mandrake, and I rounded up a few friends to give it a go as well.
We are going to post progress, and the mandrakes in kind of a companion to this thread. It's an open thread. Come join us!!
Thanks again PD for the idea to get this project started.

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