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I remember participating in a post about not enough time. Well is that ever true. Our haunt actually starts next Fri & Sat at our local lake, and long story short I had the crud for the last week and a half. So all the projects I had planed on being already done, I have been putting in DOUBLE TIME last night and today, (after my sons baseball games). So any way thought I would share.
So for the first PROPS have to go to MIZERELLA and her haunted tree
mine don't look as nice as hers but it was a start.

The second was my take on the moving body bag Props here go to Graves of the Grove, I made a few small changes and being in the building automation industry, I could not leave well enough alone. I programmed a controller with a motion sensor to go off the head will raise up then pause, after another 7 seconds the body goes nuts and starts kicking (and screaming) with the help from Electronics123.com and their digital recorder.

The third is going to be my new and improved breathing grave, I know this one brings up a sore thumb, cause I know there is a post out there where the original guy was let's say a little ticked about someone stealing his ideal or sealing his ideal. Don't know the whole story and forgive me, don't remember you name. But props do go to you on the grave. Mine is still a work in progress and I hope to have it done by Mon or Tues of next week.
Oh yeah last thing was the gas mask plan on using this to scare the little kiddos...... :)

So anyway below are some pics, enjoy.


Link to body bag



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