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This year I put together a Man in the Box costume and thought I would share how i did it. I am fairly frugal so I used what I had lying around the garage. I ended up spending $4.26 at Goodwill for the pants. Let me know what you think. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D

This is the finished product


I used ordinary pegboard for the support to which I attached a piece of PVC using zipties

Slide6.jpg Slide7.jpg

Next I attached a styrofoam wig head to the PVC. No glue needed. I added 2 pieces of scrap styrofoam for shoulders and shaped them using my hotwire foam cutter. My foam cutter is just a soldering iron with a long piece of copper wire from some 12-2 romex replacing the original wire on the gun.

Slide10.jpg Slide9.jpg Slide3.jpg

Next I used an old tote bin for my box but you could use and old box. As you see it does not have to be very large. Just cut a hole in the bottom for your legs and butt to fit through.


Next I ziptied the pegboard to the tote bin


Using plastic grocery bags and packing tape I made arms and taped them to the styrofoam shoulders.


Using an old Michael Myers mask I had and some sunglasses got the costume ready for clothing.


I stuffed the mask with plastic bags to fill up the voids. Pulling the hood up covers the opening in the back of the mask. I used hot glue to attach the gloves to the tote bin and just saftey pinned the arms into the gloves.


Lastly I stuffed the pantlegs and safety pinned some old Chuck Taylor sneakers to the ends. Tied the top of the pants and pop-riveted them to the tote bin. I followed a suggestion I saw online when I designed the costume to help "sell" it. I kept the hooded figure in one color and myself in a contrasting color. This helps it look like 2 distinctly separate people.


Hope you all have a great Halloween!!
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