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Man Eating Plant (image heavy)

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this is my attempt at a WOOT Shirt inspired Man Eating Plant.

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I saw this a few years ago and wanted to try my hand at this.

I was lucky enough to find a case of SoudaFoam (yes a whole case, I danced a creepy happy dance only a 41yr old man can do) It was in my apartment left over from construction. It is a rigid expanding crack seal foam/fireblock. I used two cans to make the "head" of the plant but for the "roots" I bought a can of flexible window foam GreatStuff.

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The head is a Cardboard shell with an elastic band for jaw movement. the teeth are cut from foam mat and painted

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These roots came out pretty good with the flexible window foam. A unexpected plus happened when I sprayed them out on a plastic trash bag so they wouldn't stick the the floor. In doing so the plastic formed to the expanding foam giving it a rounded backing instead of flat.

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the fence is a repurposed crate that my neighbor was throwing out. All that was needed was to disassemble the crate and paint it white.

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my intention is to make the head pop up and out with a simple (hopefully simple) mechanical arm control.
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FINISHED!!! After some failed attempts at mechanization I ended up with using a modified catapult design that i will have to reset each time :-( oh well
the eyes light up and each rose/tulips has an eyeball center. Sorry for the fuzzy pics, it's the best my tablet can do. Enjoy!

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That's a really cool looking Man-Eating Plant!
I love the "leaping" idea!

A couple years ago, I Made a Man-Eating Plant gone crazy in our garage display.
I called it "The Hydroponic Horror"
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I made great-stuff tentacles and attached them all over the place.
I based the plant off of a FCG unit I had, and had the mouth and arms moving.
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I rough cut the head from bead foam, and shot great-stuff all over it, and covered it with a dry-cleaning bag, and let it expand to make a smooth surface. Styrofoam ball eyes, and more great-stuff, and raffia.
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The "arms" were some leafy garland, suspended at the ends by spiderwire to the FCG mech. and I made a bunch of baby plants from plastic easter eggs on sticks.
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Here's an overview of our "lab" set. It had a claxon sound effect, and a warning strobe, along with a video I made to show "other areas of the lab complex were "infected".
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