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I have around 60 LED modules that I purchased from Holidaycoro and plan to light up tombstones, props, etc. The question I have is, can I use my Malibu low voltage transformer to power all the LED modules? I dont use the landscape lights anymore and the transformer and 100 + feet of wire is just laying around not being used. I also have 500 ft of 22/2 wire as well. The plan is to use the Malibu transformer to provide power to the "landscape wire" and to the 22/2 wire. It would be nice to just have a few runs snaked around the yard and just use the connector with "teeth" to hook up the LED modules. But obviously I would have to solder the "teeth connectors" to all the LED modules... On the other hand, just snake the wire around the yard and have quick connects... I've read other posts about hooking up LEDs using USB hubs and PVC pipe but I want to use what I have and save money, if I can! If I can't use the Malibu transformer, I plan to buy a few terminal trips, jumpers and an old 12 volt wall wart to supply power.


Also, does anyone know what gauge wire the "Malibu wire" is?

Thanks in advance!

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The question would be: what voltage do the LED modules run on? I assume the Malibu puts out 12 volts DC (make sure it's not AC).
So if the LED modules run on 12 volts DC, you would be fine. If not, you'd have to figure out what size resistor you would need to bump down the voltage to properly power the LED modules without blowing them.
I think you would only need one resistor, since all the modules would be hooked to the Malibu in parallel (if you're using vampire plugs or something similar).

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Pretty sure the Malibu is 12 volts AC.

I've heard, however, and it makes sense to me, that since the "D" in LED stands for "Diode", and a diode by design only allows current to travel one direction through itself, that you can power 12v LEDs with 12v AC.

I've been trying to find an old, working Malibu power supply on Craigslist to test this out, but haven't yet.

JoeJoe, if you're willing to put one of your LED modules at risk, and it is configured to accept 12v, I would test the Malibu power supply on one of your modules.

I'll bet that it will work fine.

That said, other 12v DC items such as motors and the like shouldn't be hooked up to 12v AC....just the LEDs.

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All Malibu transformers I've seen have been 12volt AC. Depending upon the LED modules, they could be designed to run either AC or DC. I've been starting to run more and more of my yard off a Malibu transformer. What's nice is I can setup my yard, then take several hundred feet of Malibu wire and lay it out around the yard. Then I setup my props with the quick pinch connectors and its an easy hookup. My LED spot lights are designed to run either AC or DC so that works fine. On other items like wiper and vent motors or standard LEDs, I solder together simple bridge rectifiers at each prop to convert the Malibu AC to DC and all is good.
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