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Making realistic bodies?

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Need some body-making advice! I'm going with Dave's technique on making budget bodies:

Budget Bodies - HauntForum.com

I have 6 pieces already made that are limbs and heads that will be hanging from a meat locker ceiling. The entire haunt will be lit with red lights, so the covering doesn't have to be perfect, but I was wondering how you all would make these things flesh colored and hide any tape, bubble wrap marks, etc. to give them a little more realism. I was thinking rose-colored saran wrap at first, but they seem to have stopped making it. Acrylic paint will flake off the smooth surface of the packing material, so that's out. Does anyone know if paper maiche will take to it? Or something similar? Maybe gesso? Just something to give it a gnarly skin appearance that I can paint with a flesh-toned paint.

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wow! awesome. thanks a million terra!

aw i just wish i would've thought to use a wig head as an armature. i went with a plastic grocery bag filled with paper and wrapped in tape. ill switch over and use this tutorial as reference from this step forward.

wow thanks again :) u just showed me the way to a gold mine :)

and my regards to lauriebeast too if she reads this :) awesome stuff
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