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I was working on a display for a prop and wanted to age the wood and found this tutorial:

I used #000 steel wool without any problems as it is slightly cheaper than the #0000.
Also, I would recommend against the sealed glass container pictured, as the reaction between the steel wool and vinegar produces gas. I used a margarine container which allowed the excess pressure to force its way out.

I used Hard Cut Masonry Grip Rite Fas'ners to assemble the project since nails used to be rectangular. These nails even warn they will streak! (Did the round bright nails on the lift in National Treasure stand out to anyone else?)

I distressed the wood by running it over rocks and cement. I then used a rasp to take the square edges off. If I did this again, I would do it to each board before assembling them.

I then soaked the project in water to get the hammer marks to swell back out.
I then dried it in the oven since this was small enough.

Perhaps add another distressing stage here.

I used a 2" chip brush to apply the finishes and I recommend wearing gloves.
Apply tea and allow to dry.
Apply vinegar/steel wool.

After tea and steel wool/vinegar.

Comparison to naturally aged cedar shingles.

Edit 10/25 10:11pm.
The finished product

Pumpkin w/ BIG stem
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those are really nice....
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