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Hard to believe this is the same kid that wanted to be Thomas The Train 2 years in a row! Last year he went scary with a skeleton/reaper costume with glowing red eyes. This year he wants to be SUPER scary so we started digging through the big costume tote to see what we could come up with. We put this together with a dollar store knight costume, one of the skeleton masquerade masks from Michaels with the hand removed. Cut slits in the mask and added an elastic band. The shoulder spikes came from an old "rocker" costume my older son wore about 5 or 6 years ago. Found a perfect sword and shield combo from Party City. Had to replace the straps on the shield with longer ones that would allow him to wear it on his back and we just glued the shoulder spikes to the new straps. We found some winter gloves with a skeleton hand print, and he already has shoes with skeleton feet on them. Might add a few more details, but I think he's ready!

Front view. He's going to be wearing black pants on Halloween...

Back view, he insisted on wearing the shield this way. Turns out he knows what hes doing! Looks awesome! His sword slips down the center of the shield for storage...

And his photo shoot out in the cemetery...

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