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making monster returns? !

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Did anyone attend Haunters Hangout tonite with Ed from Distortions?

He said a crowdsourcing is underway for a his next TV show. It will be offered to Networks but if not picked up it will go to Internet TV or itunes or whatever online.

But the big news is They are working to come back to entertain and inspire us!

So watch out for the Kickstarter or crowdsourcing campaigns!
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I was hanging out. :)
I don't think the crowdsourcing campaign is underway yet, but stay tuned.
I'm not involved in it in any way , but believe me, when it does go live, it will be hard to miss it in the haunt community.
I was watching as well. Ed is such an affable guy!! Loved the episode.
That was very exciting news indeed.
Stupid Travel Chanel. Thats great news i will be sure to watch in whatever format it comes on.
Great news hope this happens. We Haunters need to help make this happen in any way we can.
Yep, I was watched it too. And blushed a little at the small shout out he gave me about the MOTM videos. lol I actually just talked to Ed and Marsha last week, and they are such great people. I think the kickstarter campaign will be a big success for them and I hope it all works out so that hopefully we can get a new show for the 2016 season.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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