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Hello everyone, I thought I would share some of the props that I've made with you and how I made them. Here are some pictures. It's not all too expensive to make these either. Here's a list of things that you'll need.

-Old clothes (pants, long sleeve shirt, pair of old shoes)
-Box(es) of tissues
-PVC pipe
-Hot glue
-Shoe box(es)
-Mask (I used a Michael Myers mask I had lying around)
-News Paper
-Spray Paint (Red and Black. I prefer Valspar because it has a primer mixed with it. Get the glass paint)
-Minwax spray lacquer
-White sheet
-PVC cutters

You don't have to have all of this stuff unless you're making all the dummies I made.
I'll start with something simple, like the bottom half body. First you want to lay out the pants. Then you cut one pant leg in half. Cut the cardboard to fit the leg hole and the waist. It's better to cut it too small that too big. Now hot glue the cardboard in place. When that's done start taking the tissues and scrunching them up into balls (not too scrunched though) and hot glue it to the cardboard. This takes some patience because the hot glue sometimes sticks to the tissue and it pulls. Here's where the gloves come in handy. I have made the mistake so many times by not wearing gloves doing this. Hot glue isn't called hot glue for no reason lol and you can't see the hot glue very easily on white tissue paper. I've put my fingers right on it so many times and burnt my fingers. Gloves aren't a bad idea. Anyways, continue hot gluing the tissue paper to make the bump. When you feel that you've got enough tissue paper down, go ahead and put some hot glue all over it to kind of like, seal it in. Now take your red spray paint and just paint it. (It's going to take a few coats) then take your black paint and paint a black trim around to make the rotting wound look. Then spray a little black in the red to blend it in a bit. Do that a few times until you feel that it's good enough to your liking. When it's finished drying spray the lacquer on it so that it gives it that shine and appears to look fresh and wet.
Here's how I made the spine piece. Cut a small piece of pvc pipe and a few even smaller pieces. Cut the even smaller pieces in half then hot glue them together. I put some hot glue in the middle to kind of make it seem thicker then I painted it and hot glued it to the half body. The shoe box comes into play with the upper half body and the autopsy body. I simply made a dummy, cut a square and hot glued a shoe box in and did the same exact thing as the half body. Then I made some fake blood using just Karo syrup, red dye and blue dye. Real simple and makes very realistic blood. Two bottles of Karo, a full bottle of red dye and a couple of drops or blue. Mix and WA LA. I wouldn't use water. It makes the blood too transparent. It makes a pretty cool prop, especially at night with some other effects. Sorry about all the reading, hope I explained it well lol. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think :) I am going to be making a lot more of these for next Halloween. I want to make an Iron Maiden with these in it.


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