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Making a Mannequin Fat

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One of our projects this year was Pennywise the Clown from the movie It, and we had a problem with the bodies on the mannequins we had. They were, like most mannequins, made to represent the male ideal of a thin, muscular guy, while Tim Curry who played Pennywise is, shall we say, a bit husky. :)

Our big concern was we didn't want our Pennywise looking like the dude in the costume in the cover art:

So, here is a shot of the mannequin we were using. As you can see, he's slender and he's way to skinny in the costume.

Our first thought was to fill the costume with grocery bags, but our concern was over time the bags would slide down and we would eventually end up with a figure with huge legs and a skinny waist. :) The fix that we found was to get a 33-gallon trash bag, cut two holes in the bottom, slide it up over his body like a big diaper, and wrap the drawstrings around his neck. Then we taped off the leg openings to close them up.

We then proceeded to start filling the bag with Styrofoam peanuts from U-Haul, and kept adding them until we got the fuller body we were looking for. Then we stuffed the legs with grocery bags and pulled the suit up.

And now we have a Pennywise that looks a but more realistic and less like a mannequin in a costume. :) Not bad for about $4.
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First off, your Pennywise looks GREAT! Can't believe you did the whole prop for only 4 bucks!!! Really, or did
I miss something?

for fattening up...Krispy Kreme donuts work perfect for me;)

Seriously, I do what you did, with the black plastic bag taped to the body, then fill with plastic grocery bags.
They hold their shape pretty well, are light weight and waterproof. Peanuts are a great option as well~just
hope Penny doesn't have a blow out...
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