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Makeup help?

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I need some makeup help please! I want to be "maleficent" from sleeping beauty and i expect i will need green colored makeup for my face and possibly hands. I know there are different kinds of makeup...grease kinds, cream kinds, etc. What kind should i get that will stay on and not sweat off? And is there a kind that i can put on my hands that won't come off on everything i touch? Or should i just not put it on my palms? Hope you guys can help :) thanks!
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You could use cream makeups purchased from the store, but make sure you set them with lots of powder to prevent the cream from smearing off. Also, I would suggest a witch chin that can be painted with the makeup. I would use greens for the base and contour. Purples/lavenders on the eyes. I used to work at Disneyland and had a friend who was cast as Maleficent.
Check out pics on google.
I like pancake makeups, personally, and if you set them with Ben Nye's Final Seal they don't come off until you hit them with soap and water. My wife still curses me for painting her ice blue one year. It took her forever to wash it off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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