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, video, video how to make cheap easy safe weapons!!!


so i was trying to figure out how my daughter could be jason voorhees for halloween, shes 4, and wants ot be jsut like me apprently...uh oh hahah

so i got her clothes together, and have some mask idea,s but i needed to make a machete for her, of course, scale to her size...i cant have her wlkaing aournd wiht a 22inch blade, and a real one at that!

so i figured out how to make a cheap, safe machete for her, thats her size, that she can pretend to "kill" ppl with.

FOAM BOARD....1 buck at the "dollar tree" by my house, im sre walmart has some, or michales or ac moore. dollar store has alot by me and its cheap.

NEWSPAPER....if you dont have any, and dont wanna buy it, as your local turkey hill or gasstation mini mart, if you can have the day old papers that they throw away. i get them at my job when were gonna get rid of the unsold old papers

PAPER MACHE.....i use water and flour, until its a runny pancake batter.


RAZORBLADE, EXACTO OR SHARP KNIFE...... to cut foam board, exactos are best. u can find them in the craft section at walmart.


so first off, trace whatever weapon you want to make, like i said, i did a machete

next cut out your tracing with your exacto blade.

now lay your weapon back dwon, and trace any pieces that should be thick, such as a handle, cut to pieces, one for either side.

next take your exacto knife and cut those out.

use some tape(i use double sided) and tape the small handle peices to either side of your original weapon

now you should have a blade and a solid handle.

then take your exacto knife, and cut the excess off of the handle, or w/e u thickend. that way ur handle is flush all the way around. and begin to remove small layers off the edges of the handle, this will round off the edges of the handle. becuase we all know that handle are not sharp edge square, there soft round edges. once this is done, grab some sandpaper and sandaway and deformities. the sandpaper will help smooth out and roughness, and give u more precision and detail than the exacto.

next, make your paper mache batter, and tear your strips of news paper. laye your machet over one side of your weapon and let dry, make sure to overlap, everyone knwos how to paper mache!

after its dired, turn it over and do the other side. when the mache lays on your board, you must lay it flat to dry, i made the mistake of standing it up, and the weight of the mache bows the board. so lay it flat!

do this process over and over, until you have a desired thickness and strength.

after your mache has drieed, sand it smooth that way ur weapon and handle doesnt have any weird bumps in it, although it will probably only be used in the dark, i prefer to get it as real as i can. so sand out all the bumps and what not. use ur exacto for any chunks you may need to shave off.

after that. you can paint it.

of course u can paint wahtever color you want. careful with ur spray paint though. make sure it is waterbased. spray paint and foam dont mix!!!!!!

ill add to this post in a few days. once i get some pictures, and i will finish the tutorial, im doing a few weapons, myers kitchen knife, jason machete, a small axe. so i will post pictures within a few days.

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