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Make your own eviltron?

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For those who may not know, thinkgeek.com had a device called the eviltron. Small unit that would play eerie sounds at random. It had a magnet so you could put it anywhere. Have not been able to find them, but wondered if anyone knew how to, or where to find instructions on making something similar? Maybe taking sounds from the computer to load it with? I am not opposed to using mp3 or other sounds on a micro-sd card.
Looked into a tiny mp3 player alone, but at best it would just play the sounds over and over again, repeating a playlist. I would like something that could randomly play sounds at random times.
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Does the tiny MP3 layer have a random mode? If it does,you can use that and simply throw in a bunch of MP3s of silence, each with a different length.How many silent MP3son there will influence how often they get played between actual sounds. You can also edit the MP3 sounds to include a period of silence at the front and/or back of the file, building in a period of silence between sounds.
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