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Make me an icon craft contest

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Hello All,
My forum handle is Candy Creature, but I have no picture, icon, avatar or whatever you call it to represent me. I am sick of this situation so I thought that I would start a contest to design one for me and post it in the craft section. What do you picture when you hear “Candy Creature”?

Here are the rules:
1) Part of the reason that I didn’t find something to use is that I didn’t want to take a picture from the web and worry if it was copyrighted, o.k. to use etc. so the work must be your own. Two exceptions to this: a) if you found something on some free clip art site and could show the link to the picture, and the part that says that it was o.k. for the public to use, b) if your kids or grandkids want to give this a try and you have their permission to enter their submission.
2) Your submission could be a picture of a doodle, drawing, painting, model, computer graphic design, picture you took, collage, etc. whatever you thought of as a good Candy Creature. The creature could be made from candy, or could just be a creature that loves to eat candy.
3) Since the Christmas season is busy for most people, I will have the deadline be 01/20/15. Just thought I would go ahead and start it now so people could be mulling it over.
4) There will be one or possibly two winners. I say two because I just signed up at the Christmas sister site rhttp://christmasfanclub.com/ and if the winner happens to be Halloween inspired, it might look a little odd on a Christmas site.
5) The icon needs to obey all size restrictions and other rules set by this site so can’t be animated.
6) The winning entry will be whatever I think would best represent me as an icon, a very subjective thing, so please know how honored I am for any entries that are submitted. Just because I don’t pick yours doesn’t mean that I don’t value your efforts.
7) Besides bragging rights and my thanks, there will also be a prize for your entry being chosen that will probably be worth about $10 or maybe more. I will choose or make something that I think you would like from your Secret Reaper list if you participated in any of those, or something for your 2015 party or haunt theme. If a kid wins, they may opt for a gift card so they could buy a toy if Halloween stuff doesn't appeal to them.
8) The decision will be made shortly after 01/20/14 and hopefully you should have your prize mailed out by Valentine’s Day.

Good luck to all!
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You are the first to comment, so no submissions so far. Did not really expect much before Christmas since it is such a busy season. Hoping at least one person will come up with something....they may win by default ;)
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