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make heads on a spike

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making a head on spike. So how I came upon this I was at the local drug store for party decorations which surpisingly has the best halloween stuff and they were selling heads on spike for like 40$ so i was uhh...no. I've spent a bit on halloween over the years but I like to spend on stuff that is worth it. ANYWAY so I said to my mom what I say a million times a Halloween season "Mom, don't worry I'll make it myself." I say this even when I don't even know how. So thinking fast I made up a recipe. And these recipes that I make up out of no where ususally never work. But we bought the materials.

What you'll need
Masks, the ones that go over your head usually like 3 to 5$ at a walmart.
newspaper and grocery bags
Fake blood (optional)

You can use these for a mtter of things, heads on spikes (my favorite), you can hang them in closets for when people open the door they get hit with it, or just table props.

Take a grocery bag and put in inside the mask, crumple newspaper and stuff the bag. When you've finished stuffing, shape the head so it doesn't looked derformed. (although a little deformity can make it pretty cool) then tie the gorcery bag up so the news paper isn't spilling out. (The grocery bag inside the mask looks like white of the eyes so it's a cool affect!) If your putting your head on a spike you might want to staple, tie, or glue, the mask shut. Cut a hole on the top of your mask and stab the head through the spike. (I personally use wooden construction marker stakes with two pointed ends.) It's nice to do a good decorative gore job, with fake blood comming out of the hole in the head and out the eyes and wherever else. And there you go.

These heads have been my best decorations with my own recipe and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them over the years.

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Great idea! I will be staking some skulls up this year in a similar fashion. Thanks for sharing.
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