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Major Prop Sales here in "Hollywood North"

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Hello all... thought I would pass on some info on 2 seperate craigslist ads of props for sale here in the Vancouver area! Please not I have no affiliation with either party and had come across both while checking craigslist. **Unfortunately I have no info on whether or not either would ship outside of the local area.***

The first is an entire frontyard haunt for sale as a single lot:

Halloween props, complete display, Hearse

"Complete Halloween display. Sold as a package only. Full size custom made horse drawn funeral carriage, figures, 3 meter tall working windmill, bucky skeletons, lighting, electric motors, coffins, assorted props. Eight years in the making.

Pictures at Halloween

Please serious enquiries only.

Location: North Vancouver


The 2nd is a local movie prop-house who are selling off 1/3 of their inventory! Now I have actually viewed some of these in person and I'll tell you, they are phenomenal!



Massive Collection of unique 'one of a kind' Movie Props. Hundreds of props and set designs to choose from with themes that include Halloween, Egyptian, Tropical, Western, Christmas, Fantasy and much, much more!

Below is a list of the available props for purchase!

PLEASE NOTE that you can call or email me (Monday - Friday) and I will do my very best to get back to you as quickly as I can. Please EMAIL [email protected] or call me at my office at 604-683-5483 / ext. 12 or on my cell at 604-771-5301. The Movie Props are from a very famous Prop Shop in Vancouver BC and several of these items were custom made for Film & TV. Props range in price from $15 right up to $70,000. Photos are available upon request and props are available to view by appointment only.

Below is a detailed description of all available props and décor.

THEMES QTY Item Description

Carnival 1 Carnival ticket booth 10' high x 8' long
Carnival 1 Giant clown head 5’x5’ from the film Happy Gilmore

Halloween 2 10’ Hand crafted fiberglass spooky trees
Halloween 1 10' x10' giant 3-D spider backdrop
Halloween 3 6' Fully dimensional witch jack in the box characters
Halloween 1 Life-size very scary Halloween character
Halloween 1 Haunted lantern
Halloween 4 Metal spider webs w/spiders, various sizes 3'-6'
Halloween 1 Full size haunted organ with composer figurine
Halloween 3 5' Authentic metal torches (can be suspended)
Halloween 21 Gravestones
Halloween 40 Skulls on wooden stakes (various heights & sizes) from the movie Eaters of the Dead
Halloween 2 Horse heads from the movie Eaters of the Dead
Halloween 1 5’x5’ skin hide backdrop from the movie Eaters of the Dead
Halloween 1 Life size brown wooden coffin w/detailed handles
Halloween 1 Medium size blue wooden coffin
Halloween 20ft Black metal fencing
Halloween 6 10' sections of weathered looking white picket fencing
Halloween 5 10' sections of black Victoria style fencing
Halloween 2 8’ Black entrance gates
Halloween 10 Sections of jaill cells (wood & metal construction) life size
Halloween 1 Electric chamber jail cell door
Halloween 1 12' x 12' black haunted mediaeval door, wooden
Halloween 4 Old street lamps (approx. 8’ tall) rusted look (single bulbs)
Halloween 1 Orange and Black happy Halloween sign, 3’
Halloween 1 4' x 4' large box of skeleton bones
Halloween 14 Boxes of assorted Halloween paraphernalia i.e. plastic skeletons, raffia, mesh, leaves, blow-up pumpkin, skull heads
Halloween Misc Assortment of old haunted factory backdrops with beams (wood) 8’-10’ long

Egyptian 4 12' Egyptian columns
Egyptian 3 Painted styro columns (5', 6' and 12')
Egyptian 2 Egyptian backdrop walls 4’X5’
Egyptian 1 Life size hand painted tomb (sarcophagus)
Egyptian 1 Life size styro tomb (gold and silver)
Egyptian 2 Egyptian figures, styro with metal frame
Egyptian 2 Sphinx lions, styro
Egyptian 2 Lions (hand carved) 3’ long
Egyptian Misc Assorted baskets, torches, and staffs

Tropical 1 Tropical beach scenery backdrop, hand painted wood construction 12’ height x 12’ long
Tropical 1 Tropical beach photo-op back drop 10’ x 10’ (head inserts for event photos)
Tropical 8 Palm trees thatched (approx. 10’ high)
Tropical 10 Half palm trees, styro can be affix to wall or backdrop (approximately 9' high)
Tropical 5 Free standing wooden pier logs on bases
Tropical 1 Life size Mermaid
Tropical 1 Fully dimensional sun (styro) 3' x 3'
Tropical 15 Bundles of bamboo mats
Tropical 14 Boxes of tropical greenery (plastic & vinyl)
Tropical 20 Boxes of mixed greenery (flowers, jungle vines, baskets etc.)
Tropical Misc Bundles of bamboo (various sizes) 8’ to 15’ long
Tropical Misc Assorted sombreros

Western 5 Life size giant green cactus, styro
Western 17 Whisky crates, wooden
Western 18 Ammunition boxes, wooden
Western 5 Western barrels, wooden
Western 1 Donkey cart
Western 1 Small hay wagon cart
Western 6 Old style suit cases
Western 4 Boxes of burlap sacks
Western 25 Baskets, various sizes
Western Misc Assorted boxes of harnesses, farm tools and riding gear

Native 2 Spectacular 25’ custom made Totem poles (styro & wood construction)
Native 4 Totem poles 6', 10' and 12' high (canvas & paper mache)

Christmas 2 Giant garland wreaths approx. 10’ high x 8’-10’ wide (includes decorations)
Christmas 1 Giant Christmas book 12'x12'
Christmas 4 Red window backdrops 8’x6’
Christmas 50 Medium size wreaths 3’x3’ (most includes lights and decorations)
Christmas 60 Small wreaths 2’x2’ (most include lights and decorations)
Christmas 15 Christmas tress (various sizes, includes decorations and lights)
Christmas 50-90 6’-8' sections of decorated garland on wooden poles (lighted)
Christmas 8 Boxes (4'x4') of loose garland
Christmas 25 Red bows 2.5’x2.5’ to suspend, can be hung from street poles
Christmas 3 Red Lanterns with garland (for street poles) approx. 5' tall
Christmas 6 Animated Christmas panda bear orchestra, playing the drums approx. 4ft high (mechanical)
Christmas 1 Fully dimensional snowman 5’ high
Christmas 1 Fully dimensional snowman 10’ high
Christmas 4 Giant candy canes 2' x 10' and 2’ x 12'
Christmas 3 Giant Santa heads 3’x3’
Christmas 2 Christmas jack in the box characters, approx. 4’ tall
Christmas 3 Dickens figures (man, woman, child) pls. note legs are missing on man and woman
Christmas 1 Wooden toy soldier 6’ tall
Christmas 1 Santa Claus figure in full suit 5’ tall
Christmas 1 Oversized red and gold Santa chair w/ red cushions
Christmas 1 Reindeer, life size sitting in snow 6’ high
Christmas 3 Reindeer life size, can be suspended and approximately 5’ long
Christmas 4 Mini reindeer 2’ tall by 3’ long
Christmas 1 Medium size sleigh (gold & red with no skies) 4’
Christmas 1 Medium size sleigh (wood & metal construction) 4’
Christmas 1 Small sleigh (metal construction) 2’
Christmas 5 Wooden Victorian Christmas figures (3x women, 2x soldiers) 3’-4’ tall
Christmas 2 Large hand painted wooden rocking horses approx. 3’ tall x 4’ long
Christmas 20 Small hand painted wooden rocking horses approx. 1’x1’
Christmas 2 Large Christmas drums 2’ circumference
Christmas 2 Small Christmas drums 14" circumference)
Christmas 1 5’ high ‘Santa will return clock’
Christmas 2-4 Wooden toy blocks 18” high
Christmas 2 Giant teddy bears 4' tall
Christmas 16 Giant Xmas balls (various sizes and wrapped in colored foil)
Christmas 3 White snowflakes, various sizes 1’ & 2’
Christmas 5 Boxes of misc. sized wrapped gifts
Christmas 50-60 Boxes of assorted Christmas stock including lighting decorations, ribbons, bows, extension cords
Christmas 1 3-Story high one of a kind Castle, was showcased at the Guildford Town Centre Mall / Biggest shopping mall display in Canada

Oktoberfest 2 Giant beer steins (Oktoberfest) 8' tall
Oktoberfest 6 Giant pretzels

Fantasy 1 Giant bowling pin, glittered and approx. 8' tall
Fantasy 1 Giant boy on bicycle, animated & mechanical 12' x 12'
Fantasy 1 Giant boy sitting in red rocking chair 12' high, fiberglass
Fantasy 1 Giant girl head, 5’x5’ fiberglass
Fantasy 2 large sleeping children's heads 2.5’ tall
Fantasy 3 Giant children's books (wood & styro) 3ft tall x 2ft wide
Fantasy 3 Life size unicorns, fiberglass
Fantasy 3 Giant green frogs
Fantasy 1 Life size cow (black and white spotted)
Fantasy 1 Elephant head 3' tall x 3' wide fiberglass
Fantasy 1 Giraffe 3' tall x 3' wide fiberglass
Fantasy 2 Giant Easter eggs 4' tall hand painted design work
Fantasy 1 Giant tea pot 3.5' tall
Fantasy 1 Giant top hat 2' high
Fantasy 1 Over sized trumpet
Fantasy 2 Red treasure chests 3’ long
Fantasy 4 Gold giant crowns 3' high
Fantasy 1 Oversized hot rod car 8' long x 3' wide (styro wood)
Fantasy 1 Oversized train 8’ long (styro)

Columns 5 Greco Roman style columns, 12' high styro wood and plastic construction
Columns 19 Stone columns, 5’-6’ tall each wooden construction
Columns 2 8’ high stone columns

Mardi Gras 7 Red brick columns 6' high each
Mardi Gras 7 French quarter metal sign holders
Mardi Gras 8 Metal ornate flower holders 3' tall

Produce Display & General Store
1 Old style produce market stand with accessories approx. 40’ long x 10’ wide
Display includes 1 old style produce market/general store painted back drop with fruit carts and fruit stands, 6 medium sized farm market wheel barrels and 2 full size fruit or flower carts with awning"
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Thanks for sharing!

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That's cool, Mr. Grimsley! I always love looking at movie props. (Can't see these, though.)
I must have missed "Eaters of the Dead". I guess that's the politically correct term for "Zombie". (You know how sensitive they are.) :):)

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I believe "eaters of the dead" was a 1999 Michael Crighton movie but was actually released as "The 13th Warrior" starring Antonio Banderas and a bunch of other people I haven't heard of.

Apparently a Disney production to some extent and I believe the "Eeaters of the Dead" title was felt to be too intense? (Oh... and filmed here is Vancouver of course)

I'm looking at some of the tombstones myself. Most are made of wood and are amazing looking (you'd think they were stone if not close up!). They're also quite large. They average about 2'x4' or even 3'x4'!

I also saw the bunch of faux "stone columns" close up. Are they ever sturdy and yet light weight! A little out of my price range though. :O(

I'm going to see if they'll send me some more photos to post on this forum. I mean it's in they're best interests!
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