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Major events/themes of 2009

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Hi Everyone! I am looking for ideas, as I'm sure everyone else is...

If anyone can contribute, here is my criteria:

I'm a 20 y/o girl, so I want something that I can put a sexy twist on.
I would like to have a funny or scary costume.
I am looking for something that is not ordinary, or could be ordinary with a twist.

For example, I read in a below post about an H1N1 nurse, and I k that's an awesome idea! Something I could turn sexy but still be funny.

I'm trying to go through the current events of this year and think what I can do to turn them into a costume....

For example, I'm thinking the gov't bailout, closing guantanamo, the cash for clunkers, (I'm into politics/current events if you can't tell lol!) and if anyone can think of ways to turn these into sexy costumes I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for any help, and I hope I can lend some ideas for others! Happy halloween!!

Oh and also side note, anything that can go from sexy to a possible work-appropriate change (such as pants instead of skirt) would be awesome cause I would love to dress up for work but I work in a professional office and I'm more concerned about my going out costume.
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