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Hello All,

I love the Magic Mirror from ImaginEERIEing! Not just because its FREE, but because it is cool and will keep my TOT's entertained!

After I installed it and played around with the default buttons, I looked in the install folder and found an MAG_MIR.TXT file. Well, that is the file that you change to configure the Magic Mirror. I know the Magic Mirror was made with MAC but when you open the MAG_MIR.TXT file with windows, it looks like a bunch of rubbish.

So I took the liberty to clean it up a bit.

MAG_MIR.TXT <----- Right Click > Save Target As

Download it and replace the file you have. This one is cleaned up and easy to read. The original file that is created doesnt allow for the microphone input to work because the microphone_input and microphone_sensitivity are both missing the _ between the words on the auto-generated version. It took me 3 to figure that out. I also adjusted some other text in the instructions to make some things a little more clearer.

I hope the ImaginEERIEing people dont mind me making these changes as I didnt see any contact info on their web page.

Just thought I would share!

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