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We made a hayride cart to go behind our corpse skeleton horse (home D). We used a small table that the legs go down short. Cut a thin piece of wood about the same size as the table, (thin, like the kind from wood crates, not plywood) then made a lip on the 2 long sides to fit over the table, using 2x2's. Made the cart part from 1x2's screwed together into the 2x2's at the bottom. We only made one side of the cart, because the rest wouldnt show in our yard anyway. Placed it on the table, stained the part that was showing, tossed a straw bale on top (that really helps to hold it down) and wired 2 wagon wheels (from Target $20 ea :() to the side, trying to cover the table legs as much as we could. We also stained/wiped the wagon wheels cause they looked too "new" Super quick & easy idea for our home depot horse. We managed to work him into each theme over the last 3 years.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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