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The "point" on a machete is not a sharp point. A little work with a grinder and you can put a round edge on the blade and round off the point a little. You would have a "safe" machete in so much as you wouldn't have to worry about cutting yourself if you picked it up in the dark. It can still do a significant amount of damage if you accidently swung it into someone. The blade on a real machete tapers slightly before the final edge is developed. Even though it's not sharp, imagine what a 1/16" wide piece of steel would do if someone knocked you on the head with it!

Like others have said, if it's going somewhere that your "guests" aren't able, in any way, to come into contact with it, then go for it! You can get cheap machetes from Harbor Freight for less than 10 bucks, IIRC. If you want someone running through your haunt with a machete, then I vote for a foam machete.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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