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Howdy y'all!! I have been lurking for about a year in the forums and have decided to take the plunge and become a member of this supportive community. :) There are so many talented people on these forums to learn from. I welcome all ideas and constructive criticism.

I hope to get many ideas on how to bring some Halloween spirit to our current military base housing as it can be a challenge with so much moving. Usually when we move we buy our own place and then sell which lets me do whatever I please for decorating without much care if it's too scary. But being on base housing presents some challenges of small yards and finding a balance in scary and wimpy decorations lol. Judging from last year's Halloween the TOT base is pretty young (infants to 9 y.o. with a few teens) and around 100 or so TOTs.

I'm embarrassed to say we won last year's Halloween decorating contest which was in my opinion very weak with very few homes actually doing any decorating. Really we only had some tombstones, cute scarecrows, pumpkins, door wreaths, and a couple mildly scary 'ghosts'. It was nothing compared to what I see on here. So I would like to amp up the 'wow' factor a little more this year and maybe inspire other homes to at least put a few pumpkins out lol!! :D:rolleyes:

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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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