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Lurker saying hello

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I'm not exactly new, but have never posted. I live in the Scotland where halloween isnt a huge thing, although they have a tradition of guising and the kids tell us jokes or sing a song for their treat. It's great I love it and the kids know they will get a good haul from us and love the house.

You'll see from my album how much the annual party we have has improved thanks to ideas I have found here. I thought it time to give back & share.


Anna x
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Welcome! I too was a lurker until this year - glad to have joined and actively participate. Some great ideas and people on the forum. I love to see what other haunters do in various countries - it's all so unique, but intrinsically similar - a good scare and a ton of fun! See you around!
Hi there!

I'm from Scotland too- Edinburgh!
And you?
Hey Phil. just down the road from you in West Lothian :) and thanks for the warm welcome peeps :)
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