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Hey everybody! Halloween is by FAR my favorite holiday. Last few years I have been traveling for work months at a time, spending the big day in a hotel. Just changed my job a month and half ago, staying home! Been really busy making/getting halloween back on track. Have stolen alot of ideas already, feel bad can't remember the names of everyone so I'll thank everyone here! So far this year trying pepper ghost with projector, not 100% happy with it but a start. Made vampire kit, shrunken head, bunch of witch jars and spell book, awesome book of the dead, backwards running 13 hour clock, zero tombstone/house (for my wife who is very understanding of my addiction), feejee mermaid (again not terribly happy with), ghost children mirror thing, and some things i shouldn't mention to some goodwill teddy bears... Not sure I'll be able to get a full haunt set up this year but will still be neat for Halloween. I'm looking forward to joining in the fun. Hoping to step it up with some bigger props and learn some more of the tech side like triggering props and animating things. But thanks again everyone! Kevin
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