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Lowes has Gemmy Witch w/Cauldron

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The store I am at got them in today. I cant imagine other stores are far behind. They are 159.00! We only received 2 and that will be it!
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Did you get a chance to see what else Halloween might be coming in? I'm wondering how much space they will dedicate to the holiday.
They have the same stuff they had last year pretty much. There was some cloaked reaper animated thing for $99 that looked like a Blucky all dressed up with glowing eyes and a bit of "swagger". They really need a new buyer to bring in better quality stuff.
Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to lowes tomorrow for pvc pipe, so i'll have a looksy.
I was at the one by me today, all they had was some pumpking/fallish things- not much. Well, will keep checking!
At least Lowes has Halloween stuff. My local HD had zero Halloween stuff last year.
Im curious did they have any new inflatables out yet or lightshow string?? I may have to check my lowes soon!! :)
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