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This was my first Halloween party! The hubs and I have teamed up with other couples to hand out candy and watch scary movies, but had never hosted a party.

Sadly, we had 0 TOTs this year, which is a shame since our "Circus of Spook" display was kid friendly, and I had games and toys for the kids to play with.

We had several things go awry, like my tall man prop falling over during setup (we decided to sit him down instead,) and my circus sign falling down, despite my best efforts to secure it to the front porch. There were quite a few smaller decorations (streamers, balloons, lanterns, and other things) that I didn't have time to put up, but I was still happy with the overall effect. We don't have many outdoor outlets, so light sources were scarce. I made do with various small LED lights from the Dollar Tree that worked really nicely, and brightly, to light tombstones and our photo area. I plan on putting out many more next year for lots more light.

We had minimal food, since the adult party started at 9 - chips, candy, cupcakes, popcorn, and drinks. It was helpful that the only cooking I had to do was stirring and baking cupcake mix! My husband works out of town M-Th, so, while he helped me put up lights a couple of weeks before, I did the majority of the decorating inside and out until he was able to help again the day of the party. Our neighbors offered to help a couple of times, but were ultimately unable to, and my poor mom broke her toe the weekend before (which also happened to be the date of the big fundraiser/concert/silent auction we helped plan and host, so we were both beat.) We had around 30 people RSVP for the party, but only 9 were able to come. The weather was pretty chilly for Texas, though, so, after huddling around the fire pit outside, we ended up inside our little apartment after a couple of hours. There's no way we could have fit 30 people in the apartment. :)

My undead ring master makeup:
Eyewear Face Hair Cool Head

The rest of the costume, and our dog, Bee, in our "photo booth":
Art Fictional character Performance

We had a great group of people who are almost all friends at the party, so it was very laid back, and we laughed a lot:
Night Sky Fun Event Darkness

Everyone came in costume, which made me so happy! We had a poisoned Snow White, William Wallace, Alien, and the Impala from the show "Supernatural," to name a few:
Light Tree Lighting Home House

It's hard to read in the dark, but this was our concessions tent, complete with lots of beer and wine:
Room Event Interior design Restaurant House

Part of the front yard display before adding the "tent" fabric, and before the sign fell down:
Performance Performance art Tree Night Event

Here are some more of the decorations in the daytime!
Purple Room Furniture Violet Interior design

Purple Toy Wand Metal

T-shirt Pattern Pocket

Box Material property Fashion accessory

Grass Lawn Yard Tree Plant

Grass Shrub Font Tree Yard

Fence Grass Home fencing Land lot Picket fence

Grass Soil Tree Yard Plant

House Home Wall Tree Building

Tree Grass Lawn Plant Yard

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