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Lots of stuff

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Im selling a few things I dont need any more. Some are new items I didnt use, some are used.
I will post details on each.Pay-pal only for payment.
shipping prices are for the us, pm me if elsewhere.
I will update thread as I get photos of everything.
Listed elsewhere, so I will go by the time for first contact and deal accoridianly.
Grimrot...Used but in nice shape. $28
p.m. me ur shipping infor for quote on shipping.

Changing Portraits...new unopened.
You get both I wont seperate them. have 2 sets.
14"x18"---you get mt.gusmore and the pirate skull
Both for $15 shipping is 8.95

I have 3 of these, selling them all together so you get 3.
All are great condition, one is new. Moveable arms and wings to pose the way you want. Wings extend to almost 4' wingspan.
$16 plus 11 for shipping.

Ill list more when I get pics. will be selling parts of my collection.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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