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I bought out a halloween store that closed down. the following are duplicate items that i already have and dont need. so id like to sell them to recoup some money and also make room for other props. these items are currently working, not broken, chipped, or damaged. there were a few customer return items that im still going thru and processing which i might sell in another thread. items that are broken will be noted. anyway here is what i have so far.
I prefer to sell locally in NYC area. and if interested in entire lot - will sell it for cheap.

1x Evil Entity $70
2x Fogger Phantom $35 each
1 Large hanging skeleton $12
1 Small hanging skeleton $8
4x Zombie Flamingos $8 each
2x Hanging Freddy Krueger $8 each
1x Peppin Peepers $12
3x masks and sword $5 each
3x 3D picture frames man/skeleton $12 each
2x Fallen Angel costume $17 each
1 Lunging zombie $45
165x black light bulbs $1.50 each
1x 48in black light - Need to add bulb $25
Frankenstein and Skelton car decals $4
2x Witch Photo Prop $8
RIP lamp shades $4
Alien $15
Captain America Shield $15
2x Skull and bones wind chimes $15
2x Spinning and screaming demon $7
3x Large window Halloween decorations $6


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all items listed above are sold.... only things left are:

155x 75watt black light bulbs (brand new, working) $1.50 a bulb. discount for multiple bulbs
3x 400watt fog machines (not working) - make an offer
1x 400watt ground fogger (not working) - make an offer
1x Evil Entity - last one available (no lights, no motion, but sound works fine) $50
1x Lunging zombie - last one available (works but retracts only 1/2 way) $30
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