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Lord Zargon thanks Terror Park at Cooper Stadium and The Haunted Hydro

November 7, 2008

Steel-eyed Stalwarts of Stealth:

The echos of screams, cries and laughter wafted through the bathrooms, locker room, concourse, tunnel, dugout and more at Cooper Stadium on Saturday, October 25. This was the final season for this stately ball park, and the ever-changing Terror Park horror show that sucked up most of the park’s innards. I have reserved a very special plot in my graveyard of fiends for producer Kelly Collins.

Far to the Northwest in Fremont, Ohio lies the hulking Haunted Hydro, a bomb-proof citadel of brutish concrete and thick steel. It was there, on Sunday the 26th, that I met the unwary and alarmingly prevailed. Producers Crazy Bob and Crazy Beth Turner have my deep thanks.

Yours in blood,


[email protected]
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