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Lord Zargon thanks Forsaken and Undead Armageddon

December 24, 2013

Architects of Agony:

On Friday, September 27, I prowled the long hallways of Forsaken Haunted House in Mentor, Ohio. There were fiends on my left and maniacs on my right all night. Designer Brian “Gadget” Warner and show goddess “Killer Katie” Johnson were my champions that glorious, black night.

Cameron Undead is the producer of Undead Armageddon in Troy Township, (Geauga County) Ohio, a first-year outdoor attraction that hugs up alongside the peaceful Cuyahoga river. On Saturday the 28th, I was a zombie amongst a host of other undead berserkers who made that warm evening a lovely one. My praises to Cameron for his dedication to deadification.

Yours in blood,


[email protected]
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