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As I've mentioned in other threads, our home haunt, Rose's Haunted Graveyard, was disbanded due to the fact that the owner of the house we were living in was sold out from under us last April. So this year I've been working at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando (for those tales and adventures, see the thread "I Was a Halloween Monster"). However, I just learned that this apartment I've moved into in Orlando is not just pet friendly, but kid friendly as well. In fact, one of the gals in the office said to buy "lots of candy."

So I'm thinking I'll be taking off Halloween Night and putting up at least part of what we had in Rose's Haunted Graveyard, at least the tombstones and the cornfield. Course, Rose in currently in Oregon, so she obviously can't return to her scarecrow role. But I've got her scarecrow head, so maybe I can animate it somehow. I have Monday and Tuesday off from Horror Nights, so I should be able to get a lot done!

Yay! Halloween Horror Nights and my home haunt too. I feel blessed!
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