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Looking To Up The Ante On My Costume This Year - IDEAS

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Last year I was able to win several costume contests for my "grim reaper" costume. I Love the costume a lot and want to use it again this year, but want to add some more props or up the ante in some way.


I've attached a photo

Costume Contains:
  • My Robe & Garb (Weathered) - Bought it at target
  • A Staff I Built
  • A skull I crafted & added laser (eyes) basically red filters embedded with flashlights
  • A medallion with a tiny skull (with red eyes)
  • Mask - A crypt keeper mask picked it up from spirits - and it was perfect for the costume.
  • Bone hands - I found these at kroger & mixed with some cream / gray & white / yellow paint - I matched my entire hands this color
  • Voice Box - Wired to mic that was inside my mask
  • Skull kamas (I made these from a 8.00 staff Ifound)