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Looking to build a spitter

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Does anyone have a simple way to make a spitter. If so please reply. thank you
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I assume you are talking about air -

Here is one from harbor freight:

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brad - did wtwtw say "s p l i t t e r" or "s p i t t e r"?

I read it as spitter (as in, one who expectorates).

In which case, yes, I agree compressed air is probably going to be the easiest solution.
Siphon feed style would work well, I think, for a constant-on set up.
Maybe use a piece of copper tubing - crimp the end, have it blow over the end of a long tube, the other end of which is in a bucket of water - the moving air over the tube creates low pressure, so the water climbs the tube and is sprayed out in the air stream.
Problem being, the amount of air being used - a pretty big reservoir tank would be needed, or an air compressor working full time.

Other choice could be hacking a motorized squirt gun, perhaps?
Here's a nominee: Speed Shark Motorized Water Gun with 32-oz. Tank : Target
Don't know how long the batteries would last - but I can see where that water tank could easily be replaced with a larger water reservoir.
Also, this could probably be rigged to be remotely activated.
But, that takes this out of the realm of "simple".
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How about the crimped air hose hooked up to a solenoid valve. Then a water line hooked up to another solenoid. Blow the air over the end of the water line. If both are switched at the same time it might spray. Very inexpensive appliance solenoids could be used.
Good idea yhj!
I'm no good with solenoids, or triggers (yet...someday, I hope I will be) - is this a simple set up?
What would be needed to trigger it? I know there's some cheap pressure mat's around.
Would a controller of some sort be needed to make the switch talk to the solenoid? Or is that something that could be direct?

I'm asking, as I really am curious on this - like I said, someday, someday, I hope to move up to things like this.

(a thought comes to mind though, on that squirt gun and a pressure mat - wire the mat into the trigger wiring in the gun...but I don't know if there'd be too much power or not enough, thereby screwing up the gun's electronics)
It could be hooked up to a controller. Most pneumatic props are controlled by solenoids and most of the time the solenoids are controlled with a controller. I have two solenoids out of fridges. One is hooked up to a hose right now so it shoots water. The other is hooked up to air. When I get back from my visit to L.A. I will try my idea out. I personally will just wire both solenoids to the same on/off switch. This way they come on at the same time.
How about an aquarium pump then feed the output into small diameter lines to help build pressure and finally put a small crimp in the very end to give it a spray effect.
Not sure this will work but probably under $20 in materials and could be triggered on a simple wall light switch or something very low tech.

1 - I use a automotive 12v windshield washer pump with a mister nozzle end
2 - also a 110ac fridge water valve, hooked to air, a small tube in water to end
of were you want it , smaller metal tube almost at end = making an airbrush
type effect of air drawing water up & out.triggered with a motion senser modified plug.
I think it also depends on if you just want it to shoot out water in a spray or if you want it to be more of a mist. I foresee problems if this prop were to be around people and it just shot out water. A mist might be more conducive to being used around people, especially on Halloween when it is cold and I am assuming people don't want to walk around soaked in the cold. :)
The spitter I showed you shoots spurts. So it is kind of like being shot with a water pistol. It doesn't soak you, because you can get out of the way. But if you set it up right , it will surprise the heck out of people. It can also be set off by one of those cheap mats, because it is low voltage. A old cell phone charger will run them. The only bad thing about it is the water bottle has to be close. I added a small piece of hose to mine where it draws from. But if you go to far it takes to long for it to get to the tip. A 16 oz bottle will squirt about 50 people. So with the mat switch and a hot line walwart. It should run about less then 15 bucks. Thw wiper motor is a better system. You can even run line to other props, like snakes and frogs, and have water shooting bat people from 6 or different directions. But it will cost you more money. I would guess 30 to 50 bucks, depending on your switch and how many lines you run. Also if it is cold it ain't going to be fun for you. So remember people know where you live!:)
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A 12v windshield washer motor is probably the way I would go. You could probably pick one up for next to nothing at your local scrap yard. it's a simple impeller motor, easy to install and will squirt a jet of water a good few feet if you fit a windshield washer jet to the end of the pipe. It will not soak people to the skin, so no need to worry on that score. . If you want a misting effect, you could always use the adjustable nozzle from a plastic misting bottle, available at garden centres, and incorporate that into the end of your outlet pipe. the squirting distance will be somewhat reduced though.
It should be a fairly simple matter to link this system into a 12v proximity sensor, as used in garden lighting systems.
Thank you to all of you for your answers. I will probably use the windshiel wiper sprayer since it is 12 volt. I will hook it and a 12 volt air solenoid to a water proof switch mat i have. When the mat is stepped on the air will come on and the water will squit so with the two together i should get a spraying mist. Thank you for all of the answers
I like this idea...Anyone have a "how to" on it?
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