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Hi all!
New guy to the forum here. I was hoping you could help me find some items. We do an animated computer controlled Halloween display each year and this year I am using pixels for everything. We ran a mix of pixels and incandescent lighting last year. I use the normal orange trick or treat jack-o-lantern shaped pails you can buy at any store with regular incandescent lights in them. This year I would like to use a white color of the same type of pails. White diffuses the pixels color quite nice. I do this with my white inflatables, replacing the normal bulbs with pixels. The inflatable ghosts and skulls look amazing changing colors. I have searched just about everywhere I can think and the only thing I can find is typical bucket looking pails that are white and not ones shaped like jack-o-lanterns. Same for a larger 2-3 foot white spider (inflatable or regular plastic) for the spiderweb we are going to use this year.
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