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Looking for spider animation for projector mapping

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Im on the hunt for realistic looking spider animation. I have a 7000 lumen short throw projector I plan to use to projector map the front of my house. This is my first shot at it so trying to keep it simple. I will use Facade to map the shapes and need video files to project. The one I really wanted to do was spiders pouring out of a window. Ive been doing the rear projection stuff through windows for a while now but time to take it to the next level.

Anyone know where I can download this kind of thing?

I'll post a tutorial once I get it all sorted.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I have a few of their DVDs the issue is that the software I am using and more importantly the PC can't play a DVD. I need a file to play.
Easy enough to either find someone with a dvd drive and convert them to digital files, or buy an external dvd drive to do the same. I kept one older laptop just for that purpose.
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