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Looking For Someone to Teach A Hearse Building Class

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Greetings Fellow Halloween Haunters,

The time is quickly approaching as our beloved Halloween seems right around the corner. This is usually the time we all are starting to panic & trying to finish projects we have been working on all year. I know from experience when it gets to be this time, it seems like these last few weeks just fly by.

Its a little early here but I'm gonna start searching now because we will all be through the holidays before ya know it. The online prop building group is looking for someone to teach a hearse building class after the 1st of the year.

We had quite a few students lined up for that class but some things came up & the class did not get taught. The online members have been asking about it so I am trying to get a head start on it. The class would not start until Feb. or March but we would like to post the materials list & the instruction so everybody can purchase the many materials needed & get familiar with the instruction.

On some of these larger projects students start ahead of time & when the actual class starts they have questions ready to go from where they stopped & had problems moving ahead on their own.

So if there are any of you folks out there that have built a hearse & would be interested in helping other members build one please contact me.

Also wanted to mention that I will be posting the materials list over in our projects section for the 1st project of the new year. It will be a mauseleum class taught by TK421.

Thank & Happy Building