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looking for some help...

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I am trying to build somthing a little different but am having some problem's....
I am trying to create the feeling that u are rolling along say in a sitting or lying position but without having somthing physically moving forward or back. I kind of want u to be able to feel like your going down an old dirt path with moving, but do want moving parts to work this... I know this is wired but if someone has any ides would be great...

This is going to be a 2nd attraction to are haunt this 2009 year and is somthing that I have had on my mind for a real long time also going to be a huge prop when finished...
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I think Gym's idea is a good one. Have the coffin mounted on a 1" to 2" board that can to throw the coffin off kilter...you can bounce the coffin from side to side or front to back depending how you lay the board underneath...make sure to have blocks that are removable in the corners to stabilize the whole thing so it doesn't bounce when you don't want it to
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