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Play nice people. Some people have a lot more money or have access to materials a lot of others don't. I don't think any idea is too outlandish. It makes the juices flow to come up with cheaper ways to create things. Now to get off my high horse (damn I'm getting dizzy).

If the coffin is closed you can still just use the noises of the clip clop of the horses hoofs, the squeek of buggy springs, the neighing and crack of whip. You can use the air bags and pneumatics under the coffin but, that again gets more spendy for a lot of people. They aren't going to really notice being moved in a coffin unless it bounces. The coffins are pretty air tight so they aren't going to feel a breeze or see anything if the top is down. The springs in a buggy is supposed to dampen the feel of the road but, a few bumps are inevitable. I would go cheap and just use a very small pnuematic or a large enough motor to raise and drop the coffin about an inch in one of the corners. It's pretty cheap and they will feel the bump in the road without really hurting the person in the coffin. I think the noise is what is going to matter (that is if the coffin lid is closed). Good luck and let us know how it comes along.
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