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Greetings All,

Its very exciting as we all approach our beloved day of Halloween. All the excitement that comes as we share here on the board the getting ready of our favorite holiday.

Its been awhile since our local halloween prop building group has posted anything in regard to looking for new members that may have joined
the Halloween Forum family. As we have all discussed in the past that sometimes people do not visit all the areas the board covers so I am posting this in the General Halloween section just in case no one has found our group.

To all new North Carolina members here on the board we are a group that lives in North Carolina known as the "North Carolina Haunters"and we meet once a month. We started in Jan. 2009. If any of you North Carolinians are interested in joining us we would love to have you. Please post on this thread & we will contact you.

Also we offer a online building group found right here in the Halloween Forum. I can send you info on that too and it is available to all online members of the forum.

the Muffster
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