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looking for moody background music

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I'm looking for music to loop in the background in my yard this year. Looking for something similar to the music played by the street band in the Nightmare Before Christmas (kinda like Sally's Song, only instrumental.) Lots of minor key, dark but not aggressive stuff. I love Nox Arcana's stuff, but I'm looking for something less orchestral. Anybody have any ideas?
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Do you know the password required to download the file?
Do you know the password required to download the file?

password: hauntforum

Thanks! I really appreciate the response.
What about the actual soundtrack from the NBC movie? I have it and there are a few tracks of just the music.
Cool- don't know why I never thought of that. Thanks!
Try this one, its dark, errie, and might be what your looking for...

4shared, Online file sharing and storage
This is meltdown211's site..... you have to forgive him,he goes on cheese wheel binges & has terrible hang overs & forgets a few things like the password.....LOL..... :D
M e l t y . . . . . stay away from the cheese fondue............ :eek:
Damnit DL..you know im partially retarted!! I count on you people to help me with this stuff! I think I over did it with the "spray cheese" this time...Thanks for the back up on this one!!

Now I need to go find som new cheese adventures....ummmmm cheeeeeese...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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