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Looking for inspiration...

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I am looking for inspiration for this year and the haunt I am in charge of at my son's elementary school. Unlike that last 2 years I have been excited, looking forward to the next year. Now the next year is here and I have no desire to plan and implement the haunt. That says nothing about Halloween in general, still love it, but all the work, all the time and all the effort last year didn't make it worth it. Sure we had many people thank us for doing it, but I got my hand spanked because of the budget that came out of my pocket. Thankfully they covered it all, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now we have a great repository of props to pull from after 2 years, but I am not sure how or where the inspiration will come from to create a layout. Last year we introduced clowns to the haunt. This year I was hoping to take it more toward a carnival/clown theme. Not really sure what I am looking or asking for, maybe just words of encouragement to get off my *** and get started working on some new props that need to be completed before October rolls around.
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To get you in the mood, here is a link to HauntWorld's video of Terror Visions 3-D at TransWorld 2015:


Since you have props, maybe you contact the art teacher at a local high school to recommend students to assist with the design and backgrounds. Their
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October will be here before you know it so get cracking and starting researching if you're serious, time is of the essence!
If you're thinking clowns maybe try watching Killer Klowns From Outer Space. It's a great movie just to watch for the fun of it, but there are some things in it that could be adapted to a haunt.
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McBernes is right a movie is the perfect thing to add to a kids Halloween party. Night or Day party?

We are about to have our 9th annual kids party. They are going into 7th grade and we started at pK4. How old are the kids? One grade or mixed?
I can't believe I would ever type this but..Pinterest.
Download it or create an acct and set up a haunted house idea board..
Then search in pinterest for Halloween and clown or Carneval or carn-evil etc..
I honestly never thought Pinterest was worth downloading the app...but I actually like it..alot!
Best part is you can pin all of your ideas , instructables, how to websites etc...in one place that you can refer back to as needed!
I am a visual person and Pinterest searching is really helpful. I have actually found myself pinning prop ideas that people have pinned from our own halloweenforum.com ( posts that I didn't know existed!)
That being said..get off your $$$ and get started haha...
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Killer Klowns is a great idea, especially since a sequel is being worked on for release in 2016.

Below is a link for the IMDB page for The Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D:

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