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Looking for info on DIY burlap latex masks

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I've gotten my static props out of the way this year with a 6' obelisk tombstone and an 8' monster mud crypt keeper and as I'm ahead of the game (for once!) I'd like to try my hand at making some scarecrow masks.

Does anyone have any good tips, videos, tutorials to share? I've gotten some info through the search here and some searched through google but I've yet to find any good leads into building up the facial parts and any and all tips and tricks people have learned of along the way.

The search through halloween forums gave me some good tips so far. The google search was a bit saturated with businesses selling stuff rather than teaching and I didn't get too much from it yet.
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Forum member TWISTEDUK just finished up a fantastically gnarly burlap mask. He has always been extremely helpful in answering questions.
Whoa, ^^^ is better than anything I can do.

My experience with building latex masks:

First, you're going to need a form. PERSONALLY, I like to make what I term near life casts. They are not as nice as real life cast, but like 10% the cost.

Yes, that is plaster wrap with a saran wrap "bald cap", vaseline any exposed hair prior to application, wouldn't hurt to do skin either.

Vaseline between the two halves as well.

Once it's dry, remove and vaseline the entire inside, tape together, then fill with plaster.

It makes a reasonable copy.

I took that, scrubbed off the vaseline with dish soap and water, then smoothed over any indents with more plaster, and shaved down the seam. Only one real flaw on the one eye. Since made many of these, most better than this first.

Anyway, for the burlap, make sure you get some decen mask making latex, and whatever you decide to do, coat the inside of that burlap so it don't itch.

Personally, I like to do ye olde cotton ball and latex buildup on the above plaster form first, then glue down the burlap to that.

Black cloth here is a barrier to prevent itching on the neck/back of head. Just a thin layer of latex.

Cotton/latex buildup.

Another, glueing on the burlap.

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That's awesome guys, thanks. The pictures help a ton. Great mask UnOrthodOx! With all this info I think (hope!) I have enough to start building a mask. If it turns out good I'll post pics and if it doesn't I'll keep trying.

I sent a message to Twisteduk and he responded back with some usefull info.
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