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Looking for ideas!

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I just started my own business being an owner/operator hotshot. Attached is a picture of my new 22' trailer that I park in front of my house. Now I wanna integrate and utilize my trailer into my Halloween display. I've thought about just placing carved pumpkins along the edges or even putting some hey bales in the middle and making it a photo opp. You ghouls and goyels got any ideas?
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Is your intention for the trailer to be stationary at your home (or another location), or is it going to be a mobile display, maybe to help you advertise?

Is there a rough budget?
Ahh, good questions! As of now my intention is to have it parked in front of my house with decorations on it. Though a mobile display is tempting or even a mobile advertisement.
What's the general theme of the display?
Subject to change but I think our theme this year will be The Nun taken from the recent horror movie/s The Nun
Hi, I'm thinking a creepy parade float?
Keep running with that idea, im intrigued. What would You do?
It sorta makes me curious if any prohibits would be looking for assistance also? We have all heard of hey rides and such but I've never seen a ride (excluding parades) pulled by a truck. I do like the advertising idea
1 - 5 of 12 Posts